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Karthik Clinic & Karthik Ultrasound Scan Centre
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The important scans during the antenatal period are the
  1. 11 – 13+6 weeks (NT scan)
  2. Anomaly scan (TIFFA scan)
  3. Interval growth scan
  4. Fetal well being scan with fetal dopplers
  5. Fetal echocardiography
  6. 3D ultrasound imaging

11 – 13+6 weeks (NT scan)

The purpose of this scan includes
  • Measurement of Nuchal translucency and assessing risk for Downs syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities
  • Diagnose certain fetal structural anomalies.

This scan can also help in diagnosing multiple gestations, early pregnancy failure and in accurate dating of pregnancy.

Following this scan the couple will receive counseling including the significance of the risk and the various options that are available for further testing.

Fetal anomaly scan or Targeted Imaging For Fetal Anomalies (TIFFA) scan:

Fetal anomaly scan during pregnancy

This scan is usually done between 18-23 weeks. Detailed study of fetus is done during this scan where each and every part of the fetus imaged using the “Rule of 3”. In case any abnormality is detected, the significance will be discussed by the Fetal medicine specialist and if needed the couple will be referred to other specialists for counseling.

Interval growth scangrowth scan in pregnancy

This scan is usually done between 28-30 weeks to assess the fetal growth more so in women who have developed or who are at potential risk of developing hypertension or diabetes in pregnancy.

Fetal well being scan with fetal dopplers Fetal well being scan with fetal dopplers

This scan is done between 34-36 weeks to assess the health and the well being of the fetus and assessment of blood flow to the placenta and fetus by color Doppler ultrasonography in certain indicated cases.

Fetal EchocardiographyFetal Echocardiography

Though a basic examination of the 4 chambers of the heart and connecting vessels are done during the TIFFA scan, a detailed fetal echocardiography scan is recommended for women with family history of heart abnormalities or if a previous child is affected or an increased nuchal translucency was observd in NT scan with normal chromosomal study. It is also recommended for a pregnant woman with altered glycemic status.

3D ultrasound imaging3D ultrasound scaning imaging

Provides a more detailed evaluation for certain parts of the fetal anatomy for suspected fetal abnormalities such as cleft lip, cleft palate and spine abnormalities (i.e. spina bifida). A good 2 D scan is an important prerequisite for 3 D scan. Not all centres will perform the 3D imaging.

Pocket family doctor

Lactation Consultant Services

Polypharmacy in elderly patients  by Dr. Krithika Ganesh, Family Medicine Consultant, Pocket Family Doctor, Family medicine unit of Karthik Clinic

We have no branches anywhere. We are the one and only Karthik Clinic and Karthik Ultrasound Scan Centre with Dr. Chitra at the helm. When you navigate to our centre in Google maps, type "Karthik Clinic & Karthik Ultrasound Scan Centre" to get this exact centre.
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Services offered:
  • Early Pregnancy Scan
  • 11-14 Weeks (NT) Scan
  • Mid Trimester Anomaly Scan with Doppler
  • Interval Growth Scan with Doppler
  • End Term Assessment Scan with Doppler
  • 3D/4D Scan
  • Pelvic Scan
  • Abdomino Pelvic Scan
  • Breast Scan
  • Neonatal Abdoment Scan
Aneuploidy Screening
  • First Trimester Screening Test (FTS)
  • Second Trimester Screening Test
  • (Quadruple & Triple)
Genetic Counseling Consultations
  • General
  • Antenatal
  • Paediatric
  • Well-Woman Check Up including PAP Smear
  •   Ultrasound
  •   Aneuploidy Screening
  •   Genetic Counseling Consultations

Ultrasound training
  • To gain knowledge of the basics of ultrasound physics
  • To be confident in performing a targeted obstetric scan and identify the common fetal anomalies
  • Understanding fetal biometry
  • To image the normal uterus and adnexae and identify their pathology

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